Little update

We are still traveling. Today I saw real life bison, went to Madrid. Not Madrid Spain but Madrid New Mexico.

In between travels I try to blog, which turns out to be a pain with the iPad. So far. But let’s not go into this one.

I am trying to work in my travel journal. A page at the time. Just basic stapling and glueing, to at a later date fill it in completely.

We have lunches at iHop. Pancakes with cherries.

Picking up business cards wherever I find them….

I picked cotton… real cotton. As in “Gone with the wind – plantation stuff” cotton. I swear by God that I never will be hungry again…

I chatted to Phoenix sheep. Different then Yorkshire blaters. With small fuzzy heads…

I looked at the eat more chicken… and leave out the cows.

And look at this adorable woolly one…
And if this entry does not post with photographs included I am definitely going to give up blogging for the time that we travel… You will get it all when I get home!

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About photocatseyes

A Flemish speaking Belgian, married to an American Mr Wonderful, living in UK... Slowly preparing to go and live in the States. It's all about photography...
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3 Responses to Little update

  1. Peter Elven says:

    Cat the blog is coming through here all OK. Pictures & text are great.I love the picture of the Cherrys & Pancakes one of my favourites. I also like the name of the cafe/resturant the iHop a touch of Apple! The EAT MOR CHIKIN sign is brilliant.

    Sorry the iPad is a problem to load your blog on.

  2. Pam says:

    It posted! Don’t quit blogging or you’re going to be in deep trouble!

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