The corner in Winslow Arizona

We were on the road over the last couple of days. Through mountain country. All the way from Phoenix
over Flagstaff to Albuquerque on to Colorado Springs. I hope I did not mention this 50 times already. If I have, this time I have the photograph to match parts of the drive.

Driving on interstates in the USA is an experience in it self. Road signs that are unseen in Europe, strange animals on them. I believe the one above is an elk. And I keep mentioning to Aaron that I would lijjke to see one, so far we never were lucky enough to glance one or two.

Further down around the bend is a sign for jumping deer. I lack eyes to take it all in. Such splendid nature aall around us, trees topped with snow, the States have beautiful landscapes. We are in the surroundings oof Flagstaff, have left the Black Mesa behind us already, saguarro’s have given way for pine forests.

Taking an oversized load to a new destination becomes a picturesque feature seen through the lens.

The peeks ahead of us are the San Francisco peaks. Flagstaff is a ski resort. American way. Big and beauutiful. In summer hikes to the summits make for splendid holidays and camping trips.

We leave Flagstaff and turn off to Albuquerque. A long drive, it will take us another five to six hour drive beefore we are on our midway destination point between Phoenix and Colorado Springs. And what better spot to stop for lunch then Winslow, Arizona. Who has never heard the “Take it Easy” song from the Eaglees, with the famous words standing on a corner and the following lines.

Winslow is coming back. Getting revamped, getting restored. A town loosing people and business is being rediscovered. Not only by Eagles fans but by travelers. Tourism brings in new money, desperately nneeded.

Mr Wonderful is taking me to La Posado. Designed by Mary Jane Colter, when the hotel had Harvey girls ccatering to the train from Chicago to Los Angeles. In the golden travel days of the thirties. It was on the veerge of collapse when a young family bought it and made it into a life’s work to restore it to it’s old glory.. When it was a must stop on the Santa Fe Railway.

And what a splendid job they did. It’s not quiet finished yet, but what is there is more then appealing alreaddy. The metal fences and doors painted in old desert colors.

I love it when America restores it’s heritage buildings. They have a tendency to break down rather then fix,, the rare times that they do fix it looks so wonderful.

I go for a tuna salad and Mr Wonderful goes for the lamb, the food is heavenly. It’s as good as you would eexpect it to be looking around notiicing the old fashioned western styled furniture. With soft pastel colors.

A couple of stain glass art works on the wall, to make up for the pastel colored furniture, bringing in the strong colors used for art in the American South West. I’m lovin it.
After lunch I will do some walking into Winslow itself, small town, one big main street with a few side streets. More pics in a next installment.

I finally figured out how to blog. Phew… All I had to do was create a new blog on and use tthe email post possibility. And a lot of copy and paste for the photographs. But hey, persistence has paid off…

Talk soon!

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A Flemish speaking Belgian, married to an American Mr Wonderful, living in UK... Slowly preparing to go and live in the States. It's all about photography...
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4 Responses to The corner in Winslow Arizona

  1. Christine says:

    Love Winslow! Haven’t been in a long time – thanks for the memories!

  2. Mieke Duyck says:

    haaa leuk eindelijk je foto’s en je verhalen te vinden! Prachtige foto’s, van die van die thuiskomende soldaten tot die prachtige zichten langs de interstate! Geniet er van, en bedankt om mij via deze manier te laten mee genieten! liefs, groeten aan Aaron, M

  3. Ms. Moon says:

    Now I want to go to Winslow. Badly.
    Beautiful, honey. Just gorgeous.

  4. Forest views says:

    I know you have so many more pictures of Winslow and can’t wait to see them. When looking at your photos, it’s like being there.

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