Madrid New Mexico

Where the wild hogs roam. If we may believe the movie. I fell in love with the village watching that movie, and this year was the year that I got to visit it on our way to Colorado Springs.

I knew it had been an old mining town in the old days, the mines were actually open till 1959. An older gentlemen in the coffee shop shared his knowledge with me.

The first thing that I noticed entering Madrid was an old wagon, hard to figure out if it was a grub wagon or a living wagon. I know that some of the cattle drives had a grub wagon following them, and the cook was a well respected man!

The Wild Hogs drove all the way from California to New Mexico, and started a war with a Hells Angels group in Madrid, of course that was only the story in the movie.

In reality the town is now lived in by a few hippies, smart people who live a quite life. And of course Madrid has its share of artists. All looking for inspiration under the light in New Mexico. I too have found the light in the Land of Enchantment as New Mexico is called of a special quality.

The colors are more vibrant, more out spoken, the skies higher and more blue.

Besides the light I also like the houses. Often wooden framed, with porches running around, I can so see myself sittting on those porches on a hot summmer’s day, letting the wind play and wizzle, to find some cooling from the New Mexico sun.

Light, wooden houses and old cars. New Mexico in a nutshell.

We notice a lot of teal blue. Of the purest quality. Turquoise is another sort of teal, and also the name of a generally mined quartz stone found in the state. There is a reason for all the mines in present and past.

Wind catchers and chiming bells make soft noises. Every house has them. Tinkling in the soft breeze when we walk through the main street of Madrid.

It’s early in the morning. We are currently the only visitors in town. Too early for normal tourism. The only place open is the coffee shop.

Where I meet up with Chris. Looks like a real cowboy to me, he grins and tells me that the assumption is not correct. He dresses like a cowboy and that is how far it goes. He tells me that he and his wife spend a couple of months each year in Madrid. I can see why

It’s one of those towns where all thing big and small are precious and artsy

The coffee store is also kind of a general one, selling cards and pottery by local artists. I am happy to oblige and do get myself a colorful coffee mug. I am sure that once back in UK, I will have some sun as a memory when using that cup.

Old trinkets are hung on the fence in the garden.

A group of locals is chatting the morning away. I try to join in, but they need a bit of time to warm up.

I know the story of too many tourists. I can imagine that they prefer the winter time, when the tourists have gone home and the town becomes their own again.

On the other hand, tourism brings in dollars, and it’s what they need in New Mexico. The Land of Enchantment is in dire need of money. Just like all the other small communities around.

Being an artist is one thing, having to live of it is another pair of gloves

I go for a latte with a giant donut.

Finished our coffee we take a spin in a few side streets. I register it all in my head and try to capture it with my camera.

Java Junction did me good and we go on our way to Raton, last town in New Mexico before crossing the state line into Colorado. Madrid was wonderful. I think far more attractive then it’s European counterpart. Loved every second here…

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A Flemish speaking Belgian, married to an American Mr Wonderful, living in UK... Slowly preparing to go and live in the States. It's all about photography...
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3 Responses to Madrid New Mexico

  1. Peter Elven says:

    I can quite see why there is so much damage in the States with typhoons etc. Those properties look like they are not very strong.

    I love the photography Cat, you really catch the mood of it all.

  2. Christine says:

    Um….no typhoons, etc in New Mexico….too far from the water and not in tornado area. Buildings are wood frame structures put up in an arid climate with little to no rainfall, depending on what part of New Mexico the town/city is in. Here they cool their homes with swamp coolers..a fan that blows air through large pads that have water running over them. The southwestern United States does not have the rainfall or humidity the of the eastern United States or England.

    Old mining towns have been historically, the last 40 years, an affordable place for artists to live and work without the restrictions of a city and encouraging tourism brings in their customers and, of course, now with the internet….sales on line for the artists! A great tool the internet.

    Cat’s pictures are wonderful and a pleasure to view.

  3. Christine says:

    Oh, I got to see this one – loved it – I too have always wanted to go but have never been. Love the place wonderfully rustic New Mexico!

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