Squirrels and bison…

A small difference in sheer size… In Colorado, I saw giant squirrels. At least when you compare them to the normal British beasties. Double the size, double the pelt, double the cuteness…

My sister in law does the same thing we do at home: feed them, in order to see them, and boy is it a daily performance…

We had to leave Colorado yesterday, with thanks to NASA for GPS. I am in a new part of the world, so far away from my little town in Belgium where I used to live. And totally got around without GPS. But on our travels to the States, that tiny application on my phone takes me to roads previous untaken and marvellous to explore.

A last wave to the Coloradian horse. If that is a valid word? Is there something like Coloradian? Coloradeese? Coloraded?

Whatever they call it, it is truly breath takingly beautiful. I think I was stopping in front of Pikes Peak. 14000 Feet high, not on the itinerary for now. Been on the top though, and let me tell you, it’s high… I had to wee very bad the day we were up, but the winds were so bad we could not get out of the cog train, had to go down, and at 10.000 feet some basic toilets had been put up. Gosh, I am never taking clothes off to go wee at 10.000 feet. My butt was in immediate danger of frost bite… Lessons to be learned. Go to the loo before you board a cog train…

But enough of that old stuff. I am on the road again, while Mr Wonderful is taking the plane to Tucson, to attend the funeral of his uncle. I am taking the car down from Colorado to Arizona because it would have costed us an arm and a leg to leave the car and rent another one. Car renters do not care about funerals. They only see their dollars. But then, that is why I get to do an almost 900 mile drive on my own, and I am a bit apprehensive to say the least. America is no cat pee…

There are women vanishing every day on the roads and off road… And me and my camera could be interesting for some geek interested in old women snapping to their hearts content.

I could always bombard possible evil doers with my box of candy bites to keep me awake and fresh in the car

Not that there is danger for me to fall asleep. I see one marvel after the other, and if my back had not gone out on me, I would have had a heck of a shooting day. My back was killing me though so I kept the getting and out of the car to a minimum.

Oops, bear signs again… I check if my four doors are closed, have never seen a bear in the wilderness and am not planning on change that healthy habit

My first stop is in Raton, just over the state border of Colorado and New Mexico. I’m home again… so to speak. I recognize the El Kapp sign that I saw in 2003, on our first ever visit to New Mexico. When I was still under the impression that it was all yellow desert. Little did I know about the riches of the State. Mountains, fast flowing rivers, snow and pine tree forests. Adobe buildings with soul and atmosphere.

I lost my heart on that first trip in NM, and never found it back…

I love it. The landscapes, the tops and peaks in the distance, the cattle getting around on the spread meadows.

Even trailer parks in NM look like good places to live… In the full heart of winter the leafs have all gone from the trees, they stand silver and dark against the skies

I do check in with the Raton Tourist center to find out how the situation is in the Mountains. I want to take the High Road from Taos to Santa Fe.

Which means I have to leave civilization behind. Out in the American Wilderness. Be one with bears, deer and beavers.

I will follow part of the Santa Fe Trail. The way the rancheros took cattle from the South to the cattle markets up North.

Vast distances, now there are roads. Before we only had empty plains. I can see the Cimmaron looming..

And make no mistake, those brown blobs are not simple cattle. They are bison. No ordinary farm animals. I stay at a respectable distance. My back would not sustain running, and I don’t think that my legs could outrun a bison to start off with.

I can feel the exitement rise… I see the sign that I have been waiting for. I will rise and shine… You have seen nothing yet when it comes to scenery. Wait till I show you what is behind the horizon… at 8000 feet…

Soon to be posted!

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About photocatseyes

A Flemish speaking Belgian, married to an American Mr Wonderful, living in UK... Slowly preparing to go and live in the States. It's all about photography...
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3 Responses to Squirrels and bison…

  1. Peter Elven says:

    That is long haul 900 miles. Wonderful Humour, Wonderful Photographs. All in all a great blog.

  2. Ms. Moon says:

    Darlin’- at the next bookstore you see, stop and buy a copy of Lonesome Dove by Larry McMurtry.
    Just do it. And at night when you are snuggled down in your bed somewhere out west and you begin to read it, you will know why I told you to do so.
    I think it is the great American novel and it will give you even more eyes to see the places where you are traveling.

  3. Christine says:

    Love the pictures! There are no bad views out west.

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