Bisbee Arizona

Up in the Mule Mountains. An old town with old habits and new people. Live and let live is the motto. An old mining town, ore being the target, it’s now a collection of lovely houses and people extraordinaire.

We started our travel day in a car wash with a view in Sierra Vista. One might as well enjoy the view. Totally different then the car wash at the Morissons, in jolly good old England.

We set off for Bisbee and drive through the San Pedro Valley. With striking silver leaved cottonwoods. I have no idea why those trees work on me, but they do. I see them, the sun shining on the wintery branches and my heart makes a little jump. Add highway 90 in the picture and we are there.

Before we know it we drive through the Mule mountains into town. Bisbee. A big name….

High up, less hot in summer then Phoenix and Tucson, a well liked enclave for people who truly want to enjoy life and respect the rule of live and let live.

Some of the wooden houses call my name. Porches asking for a comfy chair and a big dog to keep me company.

The blue blue sky gives it an extra sparkle. I feel so much happier under a blue sky…

Time to shoot some prickly things. I need to catch up, have not done a lot of plants on this trip. No time…

It looks as if Bisbee has gotten a second wind. Lots of the houses have been painted since our visit in 2003, and others are for sale.

Bad times get here too.

The green house with red accents is for sale too. I sigh deeply when I spot the sign.

And just like on our first visit, I see the strange looking figure dressed straight out of a western movie. A majestic figure, high leather boots, a nice hat, big moustache.

This time I have a chat with him, and he turns out to be the local historian, taking people on walking tours. I can’t help but wonder how he keeps his boots so shiny. His name is Michael London, and he has a sister working on the shuttle bookings on the Euro Star in Calais. It’s such a small world.

Lunch is just around the corner, we find a great place called the Bisbee Breakfast Club, in short BBC. And I have a photographers high day in Lowell, vintage galore. More coming up…. My blogging has not been up to date on this trip, and I will have a lot more stories to share once we get back home. This trip is a good one, even with real life crossing in and out. My visit to Bisbee today was very remarkable. I loved it. All the way.

More later!

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A Flemish speaking Belgian, married to an American Mr Wonderful, living in UK... Slowly preparing to go and live in the States. It's all about photography...
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2 Responses to Bisbee Arizona

  1. Ingrid says:

    Deze beelden doen mij weer mijmeren en dromen van een wereld zonder oorlog en haat. Alleen de zon, mooie muziek en mensen/geliefden die om je geven.
    Het blauwe huis met bank is énig mooi!!
    Geweldig dat je zo’n leuk bezoek had aan Brisbee.
    Geniet nog intens van elke resterende dag in The States.

  2. Ms. Moon says:

    Ah- I would be thinking the “what-if’s” too.
    I love that you are showing me my own country. As alien in some ways as the one you live in, but in others, just as familiar. Those little houses could be the ones right here in the south.

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