Hillsboro, NM

Little town in the mountains, Highway 152 snaking along passes and canyons. A former mining glory, now a deserted but alive hill community with some artists, a beautiful church, a huge sense of community and a couple of great places worth a visit.

Marie and Rick Chamberlain went with us, to explore the town, and Marie knew about his fine General Store/restaurant where we had lunch. The long waiting time made up more then enough for the tasty food.

All over the place little things to see. A teal blue fire place, partially hidden by chairs…

Old lace curtains that have seen better days but lend a great charm to the dining area…

The small church with the red doors, not too visible in the above shot, but I will blog more about Hillsboro when I get back home.

Going for a wee I sit in front of a wooden toilet door, with a lovely painted scene on it. Hmm, even a loo in New Mexico can be mind boggling…

On the side wall little snippets of text, small words of wisdom, yellow and brown, probably have been on the wall for years and years…

The Hillsboro diner/general store now owned by Ben and Doreen Lewis is a great little stop over before exploring the rest of Hillsboro.

We are in New Mexico, which means that the Virgin of Guadeloupe is never far off. Her hands folded in prayer.

Her golden halo surrounding her and giving her a glow. I can never see too many Guadeloupes. Each time I see her it feels like a bit of sunlight enters my heart and mind.

And she comes in many different forms, colors and backgrounds.

The old town church is open for visitors. Dark inside coming from the clear sunlight outside. Simple but striking. Red double doors. Those old adobe churches littered over New Mexico all have at the same time a different yet similar story to tell.
Church doors, doors for houses, stores, with colors to identify them, and set them apart from the next wooden entrance way.

Skulls of cattle or deer are a favorite hall way adornment.

Whenever on highway 152 from Silver City to Las Cruces, do stop in Hillsboro and take a look around. Have a great break in the General Store, and pay a visit at Sue’s store. Filled to the brim with old magazines, books, glass ware, furniture, a true treasure cove. I find an old scrapbook that will just do fine for an elaborated trip blog.
Tomorrow we leave our friends Rick and Marie to go on to El Paso. A sad thing. As ever too little time to spend together, time flies when having fun. But it’s a promise to be back. I have a little mission to furfill. Don’t know how as yet but I will find a way… A true chief deserves more then a bowl of water and a bit of food. More later!

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4 Responses to Hillsboro, NM

  1. Pam says:

    And yet again you probably passed by my aunt’s and uncle’s houses on your Las Cruces/Silver City trip. One of these days I’ll have to become not quite so chicken about flying and meet you in New Mexico – Uncle Bob has promised to take me out into the desert so we can hunt for turquoise, so I know there would be great photos to be had!

  2. Ingrid says:

    Prachtig, de manier waarop men daar deze authenticiteit in stand houdt.
    De prachtige kleuren en de mensen, al even authentiek als de gebouwen…
    Wat een mooie weergave van dit énig stukje US.
    Thx Catherine x

  3. prairiefairy says:

    So this is where you got off to! I stopped getting blog post notifications for your catseyes blog. I started thinking, this is weird, I knew you were on holiday but she doesn’t usually stay away this long. So I floated on over and saw a bunch of posts, which I did not get notification of, with links here you cheeky little minx. Happy to see you are still posting and how lovely are these photos!

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